Because healthy isn't a weight on the scale.

At to eat + to love, healthy is taking care of ourselves - not to look a certain way - but so that we can share our badass work with the world for as long as possible and feel amazing while doing it! Why suffer through a painful diet on the way?

The nutrition program for YOU.


"Liz is so approachable and her program is thoughtful and easy to use. The advice she gives and questions she asks have helped me identify derailers to adopting healthy eating habits. I've been eating more vegetables, less junk food and have had more energy since I joined To Eat + To Love!"

Melissa, IT Business Partner, New Jersey

"I really appreciated the community and mindfulness component; it was great having a group of folks who were focused on healthy eating and habits for the sake of feeling good rather than looking a certain way.  I also can't begin to articulate how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness considering how to build a body positive community that was intersectional and inclusive."

Dani, teacher, performer and activist, DC

"The atmosphere. The acceptance. The positive energy from all members and their encouragement. It was a REAL group of individuals talking about the actual stresses in life and how to achieve balance with elements such as work, sickness, balancing households with multiple approaches to eating, how to assert yourself, how to dial down the food voices telling us what is "good" or "bad", how to take care of ourselves on the go, etc.)."

Claire, Virginia, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

"It was awesome to be able to come home and not waste 30 minutes trying to decide what to eat and then an hour preparing. [We] also saved about $22 each week throughout the plan by not making spontaneous lunch purchases during the week."

Claire, Social Work, NY

"The format was beautiful and I thought the ease of use was good!! Just great job!! I really am super impressed with all you have put together!"

Glenna, Non-Profit Administration, NY

to eat + to love is an authentic, supportive, and inclusive nutrition experience dedicated to making healthy work within the context of our very real, very busy, and very different lives.

Challenge yourself!

Want to start small? Check out the 5 Ways Healthier Challenge - where we build healthy habits 1 week at a time, and get rewarded all along the way!