Combining happy and healthy can be such a bitch sometimes!















 Ya know what I mean? You WANT to be healthy, sure, but at the same time...

  • You can’t bear the idea of dieting - because BUT you also just can’t keep doing what you’re doing without a few consequences.
  • You don’t have the time to meal prep, yet you know if you don’t get organized, you’ll never be able to make any headway.
  • You believe in self-love and self-care but 3 hours at the gym everyday just isn’t something you can fit in right now, and you’re sick of feeling bad about it.
    If you can relate - then you and I probably have the same Patronus… and it’s always hungry.
    Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to lead a healthy life, without changing everything about who you are right now?




    Hey there! I'm Liz!


    I’m a certified nutrition counselor and I am hell-bent on making healthy work for REAL people!

    A couple years ago, I was totally focused on the hustle around a consulting career. And I was FEELING IT! After a few years of work, travel, and a busy social life, my once-young body was showing all of the signs of burn out, my sleep was all whacky, and my energy was at an all-time low. I had to figure out a way to get healthier - but I couldn’t just quit my job and run to the most expensive wellness retreat.

    I had to find a way to make healthy work for my busy life, and now I’m sharing that with women just like me! The busy careerist. The stay-at-home mom. The “I-just-need-2-more-hands-and-an-extra-hour” goal setter. Because we can’t all be #gymrats or #mealpreppers, but with a little bit of planning - we don’t need to be!!

      My Core Values




    Pizza is great. But something’s are even better. Be willing to find that out.



    Our bodies allow us to do amazing things in this world. Life is too short to view our body or food as an enemy.



    Be who you are. Be someone everyone can admire.

    find balance


    Great is technically better than good. But dude - good is still good! Be reasonable with yourself!

    Busy and healthy CAN mix!

    to eat + to love provides an authentic, supportive, and inclusive nutrition experience through camaraderie, honest dialogue, and easy-to-implement solutions. Whether you’re just starting to eat healthy, or have it all figured out, to eat + to love focuses on making healthy eating fit with your busy life through planning pushes, helpful tips, and easy tricks.

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    From the Members


    "I found myself talking during the weekly videos about my relationship with food and learned habits or valuations, some of which I have never talked about even inside my close group of friends! I attribute this to the supportive nature and focus on health as evidenced by feeling good versus pounds dropped, that the founder Liz introduced from the beginning. In fact there was not one mention of pounds, sizes or inches. What the program DOES talk about is how to create individualized meal plans that work and how to feel good and feel balanced. AMEN!"

    - Claire, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Virginia

    "I really appreciated the community and mindfulness component; it was great having a group of folks who were focused on healthy eating and habits for the sake of feeling good rather than looking a certain way. I also can't begin to articulate how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness considering how to build a body positive community that was intersectional and inclusive."

    - Dani, teacher, performer and activist, DC

    "I really enjoyed your judgement-free zone approach. The advice you gave was also realistic and helpful. We are all very busy women in the program and you offered advice that could be easily applied."

    - Melissa, IT Business Partner, New Jersey

    "To Eat + To Love gave me simple tools to eat healthy, easily and immediately. The program was super easy to follow, which gave me more motivation to stick to it. Not only that, I've never thought I would enjoy eating so many vegetables! I also love the encouraging community of busy women who didn't judge me for the times I couldn't follow the plan. It made it easier to come back to it, time and time again."

    - Nicole, Consultant, GA


    Just for Fun

    Some fun facts about me and my life!

    I have a Master’s Degree in Emergency Management.

    Harry Potter

    I love Harry Potter and am planning a Harry Potter-themed b-day for my 30th!


    My three life goals are to hike the 46 High Peaks of the Adirondacks, travel the US in a van converted into a camper, and visit Machu Picchu.


    I’m a chicken mom! Even though we live in a pretty suburban area, we’ve managed to keep a small coop for all of our egg-eating needs.