For all the ladies who ever thought -

"I'm just too busy to be healthy right now!"

If you’re shaking your head “yes” - if you’re saying “mhmm,” -
then you’re me circa 2011.


▶︎  Getting home late has you reaching for the fastest food...... instead of the healthiest.

▶︎  Being that #fitgirl sounds great...... but getting to the gym twice a day, taking post-workout selfies, and hitting up the best smoothie cafés is basically impossible.

▶︎  You've tried all of the powders in the world...... and they tasted like shit and cost you a lot of cash.

▶︎  You're Pinterest is COVERED in health foods, ingredient swaps, and 7-day cleanses...... that you haven't used.

▶︎  You read health magazines and follow fitness people on Facebook...... but don't really believe that your life can be like theirs.

▶︎  6 different programs have been THE ONE that's going to finally stick...... until your first work party.

▶︎  You've tried counting calories, counting macros, cutting out gluten...... and couldn't sustain it when life got busy.

▶︎  Every time you try to think "I should start being healthy again"...... you also secretly add "but I don't have the time right now".


I was a 20-something climbing a steep career ladder, and I did NOT have time for all of the BS around being a #fitgirl. But I HAD to stay healthy in order to climb that career ladder, but I couldn't just quit my job or work less.

I had to make healthy stress free!




Fast forward to that stress-free, healthy life:

Continual Plan

Have a continual plan to eat well, no matter the circumstances (hellooo work events and late night deadlines!)

Fads and Trends

Never worry about health trends and fad foods, and instead eat a diet of the healthy foods that taste good

Happy Hours

Enjoy the holidays, the special events, the happy hours – WITHOUT the worry or the guilt

Life Hacks

Completely hack life to make healthy easy for a busy lifestyle

Hard Cash

Stop spending hard-earned cash on diet foods that don't even taste good and start using it on the things that bring joy


Completely end the thought cycle around health stress – no more “am I doing enough,” no more “this is just going to have to wait”

 And I did this all without changing my career path and actually ADDING an entire business into my life!

(yes - I added work to my life. don't judge me and my crazy!)



It's been so amazing to drop the stress around staying healthy and to always have a healthy-eating plan, that I want to share what I've learned with other rockstars, just like YOU!



a program specifically designed to hack YOUR busy lifestyle for a healthier you!

We'll spend 4 amazing weeks taking a deep-dive into your lifestyle and eating habits and create a detailed plan for you to follow so that you can keep on rocking your career without interruption! 






White Leaf

Across 4 kick-ass weeks, you’ll get:

Weekly Lessons

Weekly lessons that will challenge your diet thinking and get to the bottom of YOUR healthy eating needs


Detailed (+ beautiful!) workbooks for each week, that will take you through all of the steps to create the best plan for YOU

Weekly Calls

Weekly group calls where I’ll answer all of your burning questions and guide you through any major hiccups or barriers that you’re experiencing


Challenges and prizes every week when you participate! This is my favorite part ya'll!

Facebook Group

Never-ending access to a great Facebook community for knowledge-sharing and accountability


Cheers, support, and as much information as we can rustle up all along the way




 Green Leaf

Together, we will get to the bottom of your healthy eating challenges and design a completely personalized plan to get you eating healthier, no matter how crazy the daily grind gets.


Ditch the diet for GOOD!

Make healthy work for YOU!

Come out STRONG!


And after the 4 weeks, you’ll have an entire printable plan to follow, with a balanced diet and all of the tools you need to make it through the hard stuff – but never fear! You’ll also have the Facebook group for constant support and Q&A, plus regular email check-ins to help you implement your plan and stay on track.








▶︎ What sort of stuff can I eat on this “program”?

Here’s the best part - you decide! I’m going to give you all of the tools you need to make good food choices, and give you the structure you need to apply it to your play-by-play plan. But ultimately, if you don’t want to eat kale - I’m not going to ask you to eat kale.

That being said, I’m not going to be singing the praises of the deep fryer over here. This IS a healthy eating program. And, yes, there will be vegetables - but you get to decide which ones!

▶︎  I’m gluten- and dairy-free (or have other restrictions). Can I still participate?

YES YES YES! That’s why getting to choose what you eat is the best part! If you can’t eat something, don’t eat it! It’s literally that simple. 

▶︎  How much weight will I lose?

I totally get why you’re asking. But dude, this is a lifestyle change. I can’t guarantee specific amounts of weight loss - that depends on tons of different factors. What I can guarantee you is an awesome plan that is uniquely you, to get you a well-balanced diet full of veggies and protein.

▶︎  I’m super busy. Like. SUPER BUSY. Will I be able to do this?

YES! You’ll get weekly lessons and detailed workbooks for each of the 4 weeks that the program is run, which you will have access to for forever (thank god for PDFs, am I right?). I’ll also record our each of the 4 weekly calls so that you can play them again and again when it’s convenient for you. PLUS – with access to the Facebook group, you’ll always be able to tap our brains to get the answers and support that you need. 

▶︎  For real though: How much work do I need to do?

GREAT question! Here’s the deal – I’m going to give you the tools, the workbooks and ALL of the advice I can possibly muster – but you’ve got to put in the work. What does this mean? Follow instructions. Fill out the workbooks. Be HONEST about your struggles. And follow through with the plan when we make it. Let me help you and we’ll be rockstars together!

▶︎  Do you offer refunds?

It's my goal for everyone to be completely happy with their nutrition progress and all they've learned by being a part of these programs. But I do ask that first, you try to participate. In order to receive a refund, I ask that you send over 2 completed workbooks within 30 days of your program start, accompanied by an explanation of what you haven't liked about the program so that I can learn to make it better and get you your refund in the mean time.